Kiama – Unique Mountain Coastal Home – Michele Lay

93 Williams Road, Kiama
Michele Lay

This majestic, hand-crafted, timber masterpiece is the home of the man who spent four years carefully, lovingly and expertly piecing it together. A pole house anchored deep in the earth, it has stood for 25 years and will stand a hundred more. The position it holds on the mountain inspires awe. Who could ever tire of the sight of the coast sweeping south in an arc as far as Jervis Bay; or the rain-forested gully on the northern border of this one-acre kingdom, home to a permanent creek, a bed of ferns beneath massive gums, and a burbling, bell-ringing choir of native birds, silenced only by the fall of night.

Everything about this property speaks of uniqueness, as if the magnificent solid timber house and the metre-wide, stone-wall boundary, the mountain and the forest were built to a single blueprint. And down the rise is a second cottage/cabin made of hand-adzed ironbark slabs in need of renovation but perfect as a men’s …

Ray White Kiama